Exceptional animal production

Tonic Plantain

Valuable year round production

TONIC plantain is a mineral-rich perennial grazing herb that is a valuable pasture component, particularly in drier regions and less fertile conditions.  The benefits of Tonic include improved dry matter production and quality at key times of the year. Tonic also has a positive impact on animal performance by improving the supply of some trace elements.

Plantain Overview

Plantain is a moderate drought tolerant herb with a fibrous, coarse root system that is best suited to dairy farm situations where the amount and quality of summer feed limits milk production. Despite it’s moderate drought tolerance, Plantain still requires moisture to grow well; and under severe drought growth will be reduced. Producing between 10-19 t DM/ha/year with an average of 16 t DM/ha under irrigation.

For optimum growth and persistence, Plantain is best sown in high fertile soils with temperatures of 12oC and rising. Mixed with ryegrass & Clover, Plantain can be added at 2-4 kg/ha, whilst in special purpose crops the recommended seed mix is 8-10kg/ha.

Key benefits

  • Year round growing pattern
  • Deep taproot for good drought tolerance
  • High nutritive & mineral contents
  • Quick to establish
  • Performs reasonably well on low fertility soils


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