Our Equine Blends are proven performers developed to provide all classes of horses with high quality, safe and reliable feed. Our premium range of Equine Blends suit a range of environments throughout southern Australia, producing fast establishing, persistent and reliable pasture when you need it most. These pastures represent one of the best and least expensive sources of feed.

Careful consideration is given to each selection, ensuring blends feature varieties of cultivars that match the grazing habits of horses. are palatable, animal safe and have the ability to handle grazing pressure.

Sound management is essential to keep pastures productive and persistent. Good pastures can be sufficient for many classes of horses such as idle or lightly exercised, however poorly managed pastures will result in little or no feed.

All blends can be customised to suit you, the horse enthusiast.

Key benefits

  • Formulated over years of experience
  • Animal safe
  • Meets the grazing habits of horses
  • Cost effective options
  • Palatable cultivars used

Premium Equine Blend

Our Premium Equine Blends is a highly productive multi species blend that produces a uniform supply of palatable grazing throughout the growing season. Surplus production can make excellent hay or silage. Use the higher sowing rate where the weed burden is a known problem. Herbs can also be added to this blend as a Custom Equine Blend.

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Equine - Italian Blend - Notman Pasture SeedsItalian Equine Blend

Our Italian Equine Blend is a high yielding mix of Italian ryegrasses that produces very high yields, particularly in the autumn and winter period. It is a valuable addition when required extra late autumn, winter and early spring feed. Silage and hay can be produced, and the addition of Nitrogen thirty days before cutting would enhance quality.

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Equine - Turf Blend - Notman Pasture SeedsTurf Equine Blend

Our Turf Equine Blend is a fast establishing turf option that provides safe grazing if horses are to graze, with low endophyte levels reducing grazing risks.

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Equine - Fescue Blend - Notman Pasture SeedsFescue Equine Blend

Our Fescue Equine Blend is a hard wearing perennial multi species blend that produces a uniform supply of grazing throughout the growing season. Improved leaf softness in the tall fescue over other traditional cultivars increases palatability, and a reduced aftermath heading increases quality.

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Custom Equine Blend

  • Interested in forming your own Custom Equine Blend? Talk to one of our experts today.


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