AQUAmax maize
Pioneer Corn for Silage

Pioneer® brand AQUAmax® hybrids deliver more DM/ha per drop under drought stress and top-end yield potential in ideal growing conditions.

Pioneer® brand AQUAmax® hybrids include key native traits designed to help withstand drought conditions and protect against yield loss. They’re tested in your local environment to gauge their overall performance and agronomic fit for your geography.

AQUAmax varieties available include P9911 and P0725

Simply stated AQUAmax® hybrids:

  • Maximise water access through an extended rooting system
  • Have plant characteristics such as prolific silking to ensure pollination
  • Help minimise the risk of decreased yields due to drought stress
  • Deliver yield stability in dry seasons


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AQUAmax Hybrid Performance

In this and other extensive field trials conducted across multiple locations and years, AQUAmax hybrids have proven to perform better than comparative hybrids in water-limited environments. These hybrids were developed using native genetics, which has expedited their availability to growers compared to transgenic options that require demanding regulatory approvals. Mechanisms of drought tolerance in these products include stomatal control to conserve water, maintenance of photosynthesis under water-limited conditions, preservation of leaf area under heat and drought stress (staygreen), a more fibrous root system and vigorous silking.

Across 3 years of this study, AQUAmax hybrids produced more grain yield under limited water and at higher plants/acre when compared with comparative hybrids. AQUAmax hybrids also demonstrated their ability to produce more bushels of grain per inch of water in many treatments (both ET and population treatments). These combined results demonstrate how Optimum AQUAmax hybrids can help growers produce more grain with less water as water-pumping capacity declines. Growers could also use this information to relate ET treatments to the water availability of their own fields and adjust their seeding rates to more closely match the optimum seeding rate at that ET level in the study.


Understanding AQUAmax


Advantages of AQUAmax maize

  • Tough
  • Better staygreen
  • Strong agronomics
  • Less Water
  • Advanced stomata control
  • Agressive silking
  • Deeper kernels
  • Efficient root system