Azay Blue Sheep Fescue



Azay Blue is an extremely attractive improved variety of blue sheep fescue (Festuca ovina) which has been developed for low maintenance turf use. It exhibits a very low growth habit, has a fine leaf texture and even under low fertility forms a dense sward. Azay Blue is a bunch-type grass which does not spread by means of stolons or rhizomes. It is an excellent choice for use as ground cover, for erosion control or in drought or acidic situations.

  • Fine leaf texture
  • Low growth habit
  • Moderate dark blue colour
  • Slow rate of vertical growth

The recommended sowing rate of Azay Blue is between 10-25g/m2 (100-250kg/ha). Azay Blue has good seedling vigour for fine fescue and will germinate quickly under favourable conditions. Full
establishment takes 14 weeks or longer. Once established, Azay Blue should require minimal management, fertiliser and irrigation.