Hummer Tall Fescue

Hummer is a early flowering continental (summer active) fescue with high quality, palatable leaf encourages greater utilisation by stock.

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HUMMER is Agricom’s new continental (summer active) tall fescue. It is an early flowering type and a replacement for Jesup.

HUMMER is a unique tall fescue that grows strongly in all seasons.

HUMMER has shown good persistence maintaining density in the sward through sod forming characteristics making it easier to manage compared to older tall fescue cultivars.

  • Early flowering continental (summer active) fescue
  • High quality, palatable leaf encourages greater utilisation by stock
  • Fine, soft leaf characteristics with evidence of increased palatability
  • Medium growth habit with ability to form sods
  • Available with MaxP® endophyte
  • Heading date – Mid
  • Sowing rate: 20-25 kg/ha pure sward
  • When to sow: Autumn, spring
  • Best grazing practice: Rotational grazing