Soprano Elite Perennial Ryegrass

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Soprano is an attractive, very dark green, perennial ryegrass with outstanding density and fineness making it a great choice for lawns, golf courses, sports fields. Soprano has good resistance to summer diseases allowing it to maintain high quality in humid conditions over summer.

  • Exceptional very dark green colour
  • Forms a dense, fine turf of high quality
  • Retains good quality in humid summer conditions
  • Rapid speed of establishment for a dark cultivar

Recommended use for: golf courses, sports fields, parks, home lawns and overseeding warm season grasses. In common with most dark, fine turfgrasses, winter growth and establishment rate is modest compared to the winter active sports field types with Mediterranean genetics.


  • Forms an attractive, high quality, very dark green lawn
  • There is not much deterioration in quality due to disease in warm humid conditions compared to less disease resistant cultivars
  • Excellent fineness and density where close up appearance is important
  • Good resistance to summer wear due to its density
  • Rapid speed of establishment

Sowing rates

Full sowing 4-5kgs/100 square metres (400-500kgs/ha). Over sowing (into warm season grass) 3-3.5kgs/100 square metres (300-350kgs/ha).