AusVic Perennial Ryegrass


AusVic low endophyte perennial ryegrass was bred to STOP ryegrass staggers without compromising persistence. It provides prolific winter feed under a wide range of dryland farming systems. AusVic is highly rust resistant and early flowering. It was bred by Innovative Plant Breeders in partnership with Vicseeds from vigorous plants originally selected from old pastures intensively
grazed by sheep for many years. AusVic is ideally suited to sheep and beef grazing where ryegrass staggers is an issue. AusVic should be rotationally grazed and is a prolific seed producer so can be locked up to set seed for self regeneration.

  • Quick out of the ground
  • Early maturing
  • Highly Persistent
  • Low Endophyte
  • No ryegrass staggers
  • Healthier stock
  • Sowing Rate: A rate of 15-20kg/ha is recommended or 10kg in a mix. When sowing in a mix only use other ryegrasses with low or safe endophyte.
  • Minimum annual rainfall is 550mm +