Kai Tetraploid Enhanced Ryegrass

Kai Tetraploid Ryegrass highly palatable new densely tillered, high yielding,and late heading (+20 days) tetraploid Enhanced®perennial ryegrass inter-species cross; with high winter,early spring yields, high pasture quality and good disease resistance.


Kai is a NEW densely tillered and late heading tetraploid perennial ryegrass with a persistence of five years plus. Shows very fast establishment and regrowth.

Very Late Season Maturing: (+21 to +35 days) – Better suited to paddocks with good fertility in reliable rainfall areas or under cool climate irrigation (500+ mm) Better late season quality than early maturing cultivars.

  • ​A densely tillered, late heading, high yielding tetraploid perennial ryegrass.
  • High pasture quality and palatability.
  • Excellent disease resistance.