SeaNergy Liquid Seaweed Concentrate

Root growth stimulation to drive maximum root growth, apply at 2 – 6 leaf stage of new pasture.

Root Growth Formula enhances root development, including more lateral roots and root hairs. Improving anchorage of young plants, increasing their ability to access moisture, early season vigour and aid ryegrass pasture recovery after grazing’s.



SeaNergy Liquid Seaweed Concentrate is made from fresh Tasmanian bull kelp and proudly manufactured in Australia to maximise the amount of plant growth regulators such as auxins, cytokinins and betaine.

Seaweed extracts are known to enhance plant growth due to their bioactive compounds, which include polysaccharides, proteins, and antioxidants. These compounds can improve soil health and plant resilience, potentially leading to increased biomass production​

Additional betaine is added to increase the plant’s ability to overcome environmental stresses such as chill, heat, salinity and drought.

Seaweed derived products have shown to indicate the following benefits in pasture:

  • Soil health
  • Plant resilience
  • Improvement in plant establishment
  • Drought tolerance
  • Increase microbial activity

General information

Rate/ha: 3-10L/ha
Timing: 2 – 6 leaf stage of new pasture or recently grazed pasture
Unit Size: 20L, 1000L
 Storage Store in frost-free, dry conditions out of direct sunlight

Typical product analysis (w/v%):

Seaweed (fresh weight) 24%
Nitrogen 1%
Phosphorus 0.95%
Potassium 3.50%
Sulphur 7.50%
Calcium 0.60%
Magnsesium 0.60%
Iron 200ppm
Manganese 6ppm

Copper 6ppm

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