Our diverse selection of liquid soil and plant nutrition products are designed for foliar application, delivering optimal and superior plant nutrition. These fertilisers are formulated to be efficiently absorbed by plants, ensuring rapid utilisation and absorption. With our offerings, farmers can achieve robust plant development and promote healthy crop growth.

Rampage Annual Ryegrass

Amino Boss Pasture

High concentrate amino acid to boost plant productivity, with nitrogen, potassium and an extensive micro-nutrient package

Produces a rapid mobilisation by the plant of all substances (fertilisers, hormones and chelates, etc), which are transported to the plant’s growth
points, where they accumulate and act. These mobilised substances are readily absorbed by the young shoots, stems after a few days.

Plants make the proteins they need by synthesising them from amino acids, which normally need to be produced by a very complex biochemical process,
starting from elemental substances such as nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and water. This process consumes significant biological energy.

Unit size: 20L & 1000L
Foliar rate: 3-10L/ha
Contains: N, Zn, K, B, Cu, Fe, Mn, Mo

Root Growth Formula

Root growth stimulation to drive maximum root growth

Growth Formula is used to stimulate & encourage the formation of the root system, improving anchorage of young plants, increasing their ability to access moisture, early season vigour and pasture recovery after grazing.

This unique blend is specifically designed to stimulate prolific root growth and boost plant vigor during the early stages of crop growth, setting the foundation for optimal performance throughout the growing season.

Unit size: 5L, 20L
Foliar rate: 300ml/ha

Accelerate Gibberellic Acid

Stimulate cell expansion for up to 3-4 weeks

By increasing the natural level of gibberellins contained in plants, the Accelerate Gibberellic Acid stimulates growth though cell expansion resulting in stem and lead elongation. Applications of this naturally occurring plant hormone deliver accelerated growth creating significant gains in dry matter yield for up to 3 to 4 weeks provided adequate moisture and nutrition is available.

Accelerate maximizes pasture growth during the cooler months to deliver quality feed quantity during periods of reduced winter pasture production.

Unit size: 12.5ha and 125ha units
Foliar rate: 40g/ha
Contains: 200g/kg GA3

FLX700 pH Adjuster Adjuvant

FLX700 is an acidifying and penetrating surfactant that assists in the uptake of foliar fertilisers.

FLX700 is a soy-oil derived, non-ionic surfactant that assists in the uptake of foliar fertilisers, reduces off-target spray drift and reduces spray water pH.

Unit size: 20L & 1000L
Foliar rate: 300ml per 100L of spray solution.

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