Better results from pasture renewal with a final check

Maximising autumn pasture renewal starts with optimising pasture establishment by checking for & eradicating competing weeds & grass – and this can make all the difference in success or sub-optimal establishment of […] Read More

Pest protection for emerging seedlings – Insecticide Seed Treatment

Seed treatment is an effective way to protect emerging seedlings against pests, with options available for: Red-legged earth mite Blue oat mites African black beetles […] Read More

2022 Spring Forage Guide

Notman Pasture Seeds updated Spring Forage Guide which features a wide range of spring sown forage crop options that can grow valuable feed at key […] Read More

2022 Notman Pasture Seeds Calendar

Have you captured a unique image that could feature in our 2022 ‘By farmers for farmers’ calendar? Send your high quality photos through to Notman Pasture Seeds […] Read More

Spring into action with our Top Crop & Multi Specie Blends

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Pasture recovery from pugging damage

PETER NOTMAN | 2011 Despite the best efforts of many farmers, with the high rainfall in autumn, winter and early spring periods, soils have become […] Read More

Managing grass for lower sugar content

Fertiliser: It’s essential your paddock has enough nutrients to grow leafy and minimise the sugar concentration. Overgrazed poor pastures often have Native species: Native species […] Read More

A farm visit with Andrew Gaul – Bona Vista dairy farmer

Chicory – a proven champion. “In the thirteen years we have grown chicory we have naturally had dry years, but the year on year reliability […] Read More

Why grow Multi Specie Pasture Blends?

Why grow Multi Specie Pasture Blends? Improve soil and root structure Improve pasture persistence Use water and nutrients more efficiently Interrupt pest and disease life […] Read More

Ryegrass leaf rust & management

Leaf Rust is a term used to describe fungi that can attack ryegrass, primarily: • Crown Rust (Puccinia coronata) also referred to as leaf rust• […] Read More