Inoculants provide the right bacteria in ideal numbers for a fast, efficient fermentation. Lock in nutrients and dry matter so your livestock can produce more milk or meat from every tonne of pasture or crop you ensile

Rapid React™ Aerobic Stability Technology. Ready to feed in just 7 days.

Pioneer® inoculants 11C33 & 11G22 with Rapid React™ aerobic stability* technology are a breakthrough advancement in Integrated Feed Solutions from DuPont Pioneer. This innovation provides stable feed in just seven days.

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Inoculants - Our Top Selections

11G22 Dual Purpose Inoculant

Dual purpose inoculant

Pioneer® inoculant 11G22 is a pasture/cereal silage inoculant designed to enhance the fermentation in pasture and whole crop cereal silage and deliver an improved fermentation and a fermentation acid profile that minimises aerobic dry matter losses to lock in the nutrients.

1174 Multi-Crop Inoculant

Proven multi-crop inoculant

Pioneer® inoculant 1174 is a multi-crop inoculant designed for use on all silage including cereal, legume, pasture, forage sorghum and maize.

11CFT Maize Inoculant

Revolutionary triple stack inoculant

Pioneer® inoculant 11CFT is a revolutionary maize specific inoculant for high producing herds. It helps keep silage cooler for longer, enabling it to be fed out up to a day in advance.

1127 Pasture Silage Inoculant

Pasture specific silage inoculant

Pioneer® inoculant 1127 is a pasture specific silage inoculant that improves silage fermentation quality, locking in valuable silage nutrients so you obtain more milk or meat form every tonne fed.

11C33 Dual Purpose Inoculant

Dual purpose inoculant

Pioneer® inoculant 11C33 contains a unique blend of patented proprietary strains of Lactobacillus buchneri, Lactobacillus plantarum and Enterococcus faecium formulated to enhance fermentation in whole-plant corn silage delivering an improved fermentation acid profile which helps to enhance aerobic dry matter recovery and preservation.

Pioneer Maize P1467 Cora Lynn. Notman Pasture Seeds. Gippsland.