11CFT Maize Inoculant

11CFT Maize Inoculant from Pioneer is a revolutionary maize specific inoculant for high producing herds. It helps keep silage cooler for longer, enabling it to be fed out up to a day in advance .



Revolutionary triple stack inoculant

Pioneer® brand inoculant 11CFT with Nutrivail® Feed Technology contains live lactic acid-producing bacteria that have been specifically selected to assist in the production of high quality corn silage. The patented strains of Lactobacillus buchneri and Lactobacillus casei work by reducing yeast and mould populations responsible for heating silage and spoiling at feed-out.
11CFT has been rigorously tested under livestock production conditions and proven to drive high per cow performance through improved forage energy value.

11CFT Maize Silage Inoculant:

  • Corn specific
  • Improves fermentation
  • Improves fibre digestibility
  • Increases drymatter recovery & animal performance
  • Reduces heating (aerobic spoilage)
  • Feed out one day in advance
  • Maximize return on silage


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11CFT Inoculant

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