Tall Fescue is a deep rooted, robust perennial grass that is suited to a wide range of conditions and soils, and is tolerable of water logging, salinity and hot dry periods. Optimum performance is under medium to high rainfall or irrigation, however it is an excellent option where summer moisture may limit persistence or yield of perennial ryegrass.

Whilst Tall Fescue is slow to establish, if managed correctly it is an excellent high quality and digestible pasture base when combined with cocksfoot, phalaris and clovers.

There are two types of tall fescue, with distinctly different seasonal growth patterns;

What is a Summer Active Tall Fescue?: Also known as temperate varieties, summer active tall fescue exhibits high spring and summer growth – being more tolerant of the hot summer conditions, poorly drained & saline soils (such as clay soils) compared to perennial ryegrass.

What is a Winter Active Tall Fescue?: Also known as Mediterranean varieties, winter active tall fescue exhibits strong winter and spring production and better feed quality than summer active plants. It is best suited to dryland, lighter soils.

Quantica MaxP Tall Fescue

Quantica Tall Fescue MaxP is a soft, finely leaved continental tall fescue selected for improved animal palatability and rust resistance. Like Quantum II MaxP, Quantica is a deep rooted, robust, productive variety offering more persistence than perennial ryegrass and can tolerate waterlogging, salinity, Grass Grub, heat and drought.