Adjuvant Quick Guide

Adjuvants play an important role in herbicide formulations and spray mixtures to improve herbicide performance. Click here for more information:

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Probuffer 700

Active Constituent: 350g/L SOYAL PHOSPHOLIPIDS & 350g/L PROPIONIC ACID

Probuffer 700 is speciality adjuvant for use with herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. Probuffer 700 reduces the degrading effect to many pesticides caused by alkaline hydrolysis. Probuffer 700 adjusts the spray tank water pH to enhance the performance of many pesticides and extend the longevity of spray tank solutions.


Wetter 1000


WETTER 1000 is a non-ionic surfactant and is suitable for use with all types of herbicides, insecticides and fungicides. It is suitable for application from properly calibrated boomsprayers, misting machines, aircraft and knapsacks. Thorough coverage is essential, but care should be taken to ensure run-off does not occur when using hand held equipment or knapsacks


Active Constituent: 150g/L RHODAMINE B

Red Marking Dye is a premium red liquid dye which will assist in clearer identification of sprayed areas and can be used with many liquid and powder herbicide products. It can also be used as an additive to white foam marking solutions when a coloured foam is required.