Notman Seeds has a range of professional lawn and turf seed products suitable for warm season, transitional and cool season zones throughout southern Australia including Gippsland, south west Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne.

We work with innovative market leaders to provide lawn and turf to bring professional products to sporting fields, backyard lawns, roadsides, erosion control and acreage. Check out our full range below, or enquire direct if you have a custom request.

Gippsland Lawn & Turf Seed Blends

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Gippsland Elite Lawn Seed

Gippsland Elite Lawn Seed is the ultimate all rounder in turf grass quality with dark green, dense, clean cutting turfgrass suited to elite lawns. Excellent looks, wear tolerance and reasonable good shade and drought tolerance.

  • 80% Turf ryegrass
  • 10% Chewings Fine Fescue
  • 10% Creeping Red Fescue

Gippsland Evergreen Estate Lawn Seed

Gippsland Evergreen Estate Lawn Seed offers dark green colour retention ensuring your lawn maintains its vibrant appearance throughout the seasons.

  • 100% Turf Fescue

Gippsland Quick Lawn Seed

 Gippsland Quick Lawn Turf Seed, a dynamic seed blend crafted for rapid establishment and year round performance.

Ideal for quick cover, roadside repairs and oversowing existing areas.

  • 60% Turf ryegrass
  • 40% Annual ryegrass

Gippsland Sun & Shade Lawn Seed

Gippsland Sun & Shade seed is formulated for areas of you guessed it, sun and shade, withstanding limited sunlight. This blend grows a thick, dark green lawn and works in areas with poor soils.

  • 50% Turf ryegrass
  • 50% Creeping Red Fescue

Gippsland Elite Sportsfield Seed

Gippsland Elite Sportsfield Turf Seed has rapid germination, establishment, excellent colour, high density and is ideal for winter sports fields and areas subject to high foot traffic.

  • 100% Turf ryegrass

Gippsland Couch Pro Lawn Seed

Western Vic Couch Pro is your go to solution for robust, summer hardy lawn. Enjoy the benefits of a lush lawn that withstands challenges of limited rainfall & hot conditions.

  • 30% Couch
  • 70% Turf ryegrass


Our comparison chart highlights the differences between a range of lawn seed types. They differences include establishment, traffic tolerance, fertiliser requirement and tolerances to sun, shade and salinity.

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We've created a range of support information to guide you through the step-by-step process of improving your lawn. We've also got a range of tips for maintaining your lawn through the seasons.

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