Hybrid ryegrass varieties available from Notman Pasture Seeds

Oversow specialists in existing perennial pastures in short and long term situations.

Hybrid ryegrasses are two year options for oversowing thin pastures before a full renewal of perennial ryegrasses. Hybrid ryegrasses generally have rapid establishment giving great results when sowing into existing perennial pasture as they are able to compete well for space. This means paddocks re-sown with hybrids such as Mohaka AR37 & Frenzy NEA are back into the grazing rotation more quickly than those oversown with perennial ryegrass.

Under general farm management these high quality hybrid ryegrasses can compliment existing late heading perennial pastures, such as Matrix, Base AR37 or Reward Endo5.

High performance hybrid ryegrass such as Frenzy & Mohaka AR37 are highly suited to dairy runoff and supplementary feed pastures. The strengths of autumn and winter production helps with pasture cover at these critical times and their late spring leafiness and low aftermath seed head makes them ideal varieties to maintain high quality spring silage production.

Frenzy NEA Hybrid Ryegrass

NEW Extremely fast establishing hybrid, with NEA endophyte

Frenzy Hybrid Ryegrass, new to Notman Pasture Seeds, is a very high yielding tetraploid hybrid ryegrass containing the NEA endophyte and which is the result of 25 years of plant breeding. Frenzy has very good winter growth and insect protection with its NEA endophyte.

Our top pick!

Mohaka AR37 Hybrid Ryegrass

Broad-leaved densely tillered tetraploid hybrid, with AR37 endophyte

Mohaka is a broad leaved, densely tillered tetraploid hybrid ryegrass, having superior cool season productivity when compared to its predecessor Ohau.  Mohaka can be used as a multi-year Italian ryegrass, and it has a +20 flowering date that will push quality late into the spring

Samurye NEA12 Hybrid Ryegrass

Next jump up in productivity over Shogun from Barenbrug

Introduces NEA12 endophyte to elite ryegrass breeding from Barenbrug.  The grass is a selection from a 50/50 Italian and Bealey perennial ryegrass cross. The result is a variety with the yield potential of the best Italian ryegrasses with improved persistence.

Shogun NEA Hybrid Ryegrass

Proven market variety with results to show

Shogun ryegrass is a late flowering tetraploid long rotation (perennial type hybrid) ryegrass bred from a cross between Bealey and an elite Italian ryegrass that contains the NEA endophyte.

Hybrid seed blends

We can mix hybrids with a range of species, just get in touch with our team to organise a custom pasture blends. Example blends:

  • Hybrid Ryegrasses plus White Clover, Red Clover
  • Hybrid Ryegrasses plus Chicory, Plantain
  • Hybrid Ryegrasses plus Sub Clover

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Mohaka AR37 Notman Pasture Seeds
Mohaka AR37 Notman Pasture Seeds