Quality Committment from Notman Pasture Seeds


AsureQuality are the leading provider of testing, inspection, certification and verification services to the Australasian seed and grain industry.

If the label on a bag of seed states that it has met the Australian Seed Certification Scheme standards, the purchaser can be sure that it has achieved exacting quality standards during growing and processing. AsureQuality provides a comprehensive range of seed testing services for Notman Pasture Seeds, including:

  • Purity
  • Germination
  • Identification
  • Moisture
  • Weight
  • Vigour
  • Tetrazolium
  • Health
  • Lolium endophyte

For more information on AsureQuality visit: www.seedtesting.com.au


Our staff are AgSafe accredited, delivering a national standard that satisfies the regulatory compliance measures as determined by the five relevant government departments in each state.

Seed Blends

Our premium pasture & forage crop mixes provide a selection of the best performing varieties to suit many situations. Since 1987, Notman Pasture Seeds have used our extensive knowledge to develop pasture & forage crop mixes tailored your specific farm requirements.

Seed Certification

What is Seed Certification? It is a scheme with a process to verify varietal purity. It is administered by AsureQuality

How does it work:

  • Crops and resultant seed must pass specific standards at the field (growing) stage and laboratory (processed) stage.
  • Growers enter their production areas for certification, including paddock details, sowing seed details and previous crop history, which can be verified against the scheme database.
  • AsureQuality field staff inspect growing crops for the presence of weed and off-type or other crop contaminants.
  • All certified seed should have official certification labels attached to each bag, which verifies that the seed has met the field and laboratory standards, and therefore confirming its varietal identity. The label also provides traceability back to the field or production. Check out swipenclean.com.

Importance of Pasture Trials

Adam Fisher & Andrew Allsop discuss the importance of trials comparing to current farming practices.

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Research & Development

All pasture and forage varieties available from Notman Pasture Seeds are thoroughly trialled and tested on farms throughout Australia & New Zealand to assess their performance capability under varying farming conditions. Visit blairsupplyusa.com.

Notman Pasture Seeds continue to work with our main suppliers to trials and demonstrate new & existing forage products.

Forage varieties are evaluated in these trials for a number of performance- related criteria, including dry matter yield and seasonal performance, pasture quality (including metabolisable energy, digestibility, protein, NDF, etc), persistence, and susceptibility to plant diseases and insect pests. Check happy cleans.
Where necessary, the company undertakes animal performance trials to assess the impact of its varieties on livestock performance and health.

All trials are conducted to strict industry-designed protocols, and managed by the company’s technically skilled and experienced regional agronomists who are based throughout Australia & New Zealand.

A key aspect of the Notman Pasture Seeds culture is the continued focus on research through replicated pasture & cropping trials and making that data relevant to the bottom line of farmers.