Leona Prairie Grass

Leona Prairie Grass is a prairie grass for Australian producers who are looking for improved productivity, quality and persistence. Leona has been selected for increased seedling vigour resulting in faster establishment which can lead to a reduced time to the first graze.

Palatability of Leona is exceptional and, with the improved winter yields, results in high quality feed at a very valuable time of year. Leona has the ability to produce excellent quantities of seed which gives improved persistence.

Matua Prairie Grass

Matua Prairie Grass is an annual to or short lived perennial grass. Most growth in autumn, winter and spring. Suited to fertile, well‑drained soils. Must be rotationally grazed for good production and persistence.

Matua is an older type prairie grass.

Gala Grazing Brome

Gala is a versatile species for use on free-draining soils, in areas with summer-dry conditions. Compared with prairie grass, the dense, fine-tillered growth ensures persistence under harsher climatic and grazing conditions. Farms in the dry eastern regions benefit from the rapid autumn recovery, good winter and early-spring growth, and persistence under close grazing.

What is Prarie Grass?
Prairie grass is a highly productive perennial grass that has the unique trait of being extremely palatable to the grazing animal at every stage of development – even when in full seed head. Ideally suited to higher fertility soils where there is reliable high annual rainfall and or irrigation available to get the most out of the species. Extremely productive in dry matter produced during the winter months and into early spring.


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