Forage Radish

Regenerate the soil with Forage Radish in our Multi Specie Blends. Alleviation of soil compaction. Weed suppression. Good plant resilience in drier conditions. Nutrient capture and release. Erosion control. Improve water infiltration. Green manure crop.

Forage Radish varieties include:

  • Tillage Radish
  • Graza Radish


Forage Radish (Raphanus sativus var. longipinnatus) such as Tillage Radish and Graza Radish are members of the brassica family which are excellent at breaking up & penetrating compacted soils more deeply than most other cover crops.

Sown as a standalone product or available in our Multi Specie Pasture Blends or your custom Multi Species Blend, Forage Radish has proven to focus on regenerating pasture soils and providing quality forage value alongside other soil helping species such as brassicas, herbs and grasses.

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Forage Radish grows long taproots that can grow several 100mm deep, boring holes into the ground, loosening the soil. Ideally autumn & spring sown, the Forage Radish taproot 1) grows vigorously, 2) mines for soil nutrients 3) stores them in the bulb 4) at the end of the growing season the roots decompose and open up the soil 5) provide access for subsequent roots to reach subsoil moisture

  • Available in our Multi Specie Pasture Blends, or as a standalone crop.
  • Alleviation of soil compaction
  • Weed suppression
  • Good plant resilience in drier conditions
  • Nutrient capture and release
  • Erosion control
  • Improve water infiltration
  • Green manure crop

Variety Forage Radish
Sowing date Early Spring & Early Autumn
Sowing depth 10-15mm
Sowing rate 6 kg/ha (standalone), 1-1.5 kg/ha (in a mix)
Ready to graze 50-60 days
Unit size 25kg bags
Potential grazings Single graze
Soil temperature 12+ degrees