Pillar Forage Rape

Pillar Forage Rape is a fast establishing, high yielding multi-graze forage brassica, autumn or spring sown, and ideal companion with white clover, red clover, chicory and plantain.

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Pillar Forage Rape is an fast establishing, high yielding multi-graze giant-type forage rape with strong re-growth potential, good aphid tolerance and disease resistance. The dry matter yield potential of Pillar is proving on farm to be a real highlight, as is its flexibility for spring or autumn sowings.

Pillar Forage Rape is a versatile brassica, being suitable for young stock finishing in early summer, filling the autumn and winter feed gaps when pasture growth is limited and break cropping in a pasture renewal programme as it can provide a significant drymatter contribution.

Pillar Forage Rape is available in our Top Crop Forage Blends , such as combining with forage millet in our robust Top Crop Millet & Rape forage blend.

Pillar Forage Rape has the following benefits:

  • Leafy, giant-type
  • Very fast establishing
  • Improved DM yields
  • Very good re-growth potential
  • Good disease resistance
  • Can be sown in spring or autumn
  • Suitable for sheep, cattle and deer

Grazing Forage Rape

  • Introduce livestock to crop (1-2 hours a day), building up to a maximum allowance over at least a 7-10 day period to allow rumen microbes to adjust to the high quality forage.
  • Feed dry stock and dairy cows no more than 70-80% and 33% of the diet as brassicas
  • Prevent gorging & help rumen microbes adjust by feeding extra fibre prior to and while grazing forage rape crops
  • Do not feed frozen brassica to stock, feed silage/hay in the morning then shift the break in the late-morning/early after-noon.

Variety Pillar Forage Brassica
Maturity 80-110 days
Sowing rate 4-6kg/ha (standalone), 1-2kg/ha (mix)
Spring companion species Chicory, Plantain, Red Clover, Forage Millet
Autumn companion species Ryegrass, White Clover, Chicory
Number of grazings 2-4