Millet & Forage Sorghum are summer forage options for farms due to their potential to accumulate DM rapidly through summer. Ideal for grazing and or silage.

  • Ideal performance when alternate summer crops are limited by moisture and water availability
  • High water efficiency
  • Low ME & crude protein compared to other summer forage crops (e.g. brassica, chicory or plantain)
  • Efficient N users - Millet and sorghum have higher N use efficiency (kg DM/kg N) than most broad-leaf summer forage crops.
  • Millet and sorghum have minimal disease or pest threats compared to spring sown Brassicas.
  • Yields can be restricted by low summer temperatures.
Shirohie Millet Notman Seeds


Millet is a highly productive summer leafy forage crop that grows when you need it in summer. The fast growing versatile forage provides forage for grazing, hay and silage. Excellent regrowth potential when good moisture and nitrogen levels are available. Millet is also available in our Top Crop blends.

Betta Graze Sorghum

Excellent recovery from grazing or cutting, the fast growing nature of Betta Graze and its cold tolerance, mean it is the first forage sorghum you can plant and the first you can feed to any type of livestock.

Super Sweet Sudan

Grow more with less – High quality smaller seed means you plant more hectares with less kilograms. The next generation hybrid. A unique Australian product, bred for Australian conditions. Super Sweet Sudan (SSS) is quick to graze and sustains multiple and intensive grazings. SSS produces high quality hay and round bale silage suitable for sheep and cattle.

Pronto Sorghum

Fast maturing for early grazing, hay & silage. A consistent and affordable performer. Finely stemmed, Pronto is a leafy, early maturing, high yielding sorghum type Sudan grass.


The best choice for Pit Silage Production. Graze-N-Sile is a tall, grain-bearing forage sorghum hybrid. These unique attributes mean Graze-N-Sile produces high quantities of silage with high energy content. An ideal substitute for maize silage in dryland areas or in limited irrigation situations

Forage Sorghum

Forage sorghum hybrids deliver large quantities of quality feed for grazing, hay or silage. There are large variety of forage sorghum to choose from, each with different characteristics—such as the cold tolerance & fast early growth of Betta Graze to Super Sweet Sudan’s ability to sustain multiple & intensive grazings. Crops such as sorghum and millet can produce feed at up to 300kg DM/ha/day.

  • Up to three times the water use efficiency of traditional perennial pastures over summer
  • No compromise or loss of feed value
  • Consistently high yields
  • Excellent pit or wrap silage
  • Suitable for all stock classes


Millet, a low cost option for summer feed, is a safe forage for your animals—containing no prussic acid (HCN) and does not require supplementation with sulphur or salt blocks. Compared with forage sorghum, temperate Millets can be sown earlier and will grow into late summer/early autumn. Millet is great for your pasture renovation program.

  • Fast growing low cost short term summer crop
  • High quality feed with multiple grazings (up to 4 cuts)
  • Valuable grazing, silage and hay crop
  • Good interim crop between seasons
  • Safe forage—no prussic acid
Shirohie Millet - Notman Seeds

Other Summer Forage Varieties

Our blends aim to optimise summer feed by producing more tonnes of dry matter per hectare compared to traditional pasture methods. They also provide an ideal break crop over the summer period before planting in Autumn.