Our Top Lucerne Selections

Stamina GT5

The ultimate choice for grazing tolerant lucerne

Stamina® GT5 lucerne is an outstanding semi dormant lucerne that offers flexibility and excellent quality. Stamina GT5 has stood out during extreme testing as the outstanding lucerne for grazing tolerance which gives confidence that Stamina GT5 will handle many management regimes and come out sound and continue to be a productive stand of lucerne

Stamina GT6

The first grazing tolerant lucerne for the Australian market

Stamina® GT6 combines useful winter growth, great persistence and the ability to tolerate set stocking of sheep. It provides excellent yield and quality during warmer growing months. Stamina GT6 was the first lucerne released for Australian farmers trialled under the internationally recognised Standard Test Protocol for grazing tolerant lucernes.

Torrens GT8

Grazing tolerant lucerne

Torrens GT8 is the first grazing tolerant, highly winter active lucerne to be released to the Australian market that has been trialled under the Internationally recognised Standard Test Protical for grazing tolerant lucerne. This product was selected from highly winter active survivors in grazing tolerance trials at Leigh Creek (Victoria) and Gundagai (New South Wales). With a high leaf to stem ratio and fine stems it produces high quality forage for premium hay production or grazing.