Notman Pasture Seeds offers you a wide range of high quality affordable agricultural chemicals including herbicides and insecticides to eradicate pests and protect your crops. Our staff are experienced in providing advice about chemicals for agricultural purposes and will focus on a strategy to manage your farm and crops for long-term health.

Product Name Active Ingredient Equivalent/Similar Product Pack Size
2,4-D 300 IPA 300 g / L 2,4-D as IPA salt Surpass 300*, Zulu 300* 20L
AMINE 625 625 g / L 2,4-D as dimethylamine and diethanolamine salts Amicide 625 20L
ATRAZINE 900 WG 900 g / Kg Atrazine Gesaprim 900* 15kg
CHLORSULFURON 750 750 g/kg Chlorsulfuron Tackle 750*, Lusta, Tufman 100g, 500g
DICAMBA 500 SL 500 g/L Dicamba Kamba*, Cutlass* 10L, 20L
ESTERCIDE 680 680 g / L 2,4-D present as 2-ethylhexyl ester Estercide 680 20L
FLUMETSULAM 800 800 g/kg Flumetsulam Broadstrike*, Flumetsulam 800 100g, 500g
HARDBALL AMINE 700 700 g/L 2,4-D present as Dimethylamine & Diethanolamine Salts Amicide 700. 20L
HALOXYFOP 520 520 g / L Haloxyfop-p Verdict*, Asset 5L, 10L, 20L
MCPA 500 500 g/L MCPA Various 20L
MCPA 750 750 g/L MCPA Various 20L
METOLACHLOR 960 g/L Metolachlor Clincher Plus* 20L
METOLACHLOR-S 960 960 g/L S-Metolachlor Dual Gold* 20L
PARQUAT 250 SL 250 g / L Paraquat Gramoxone*,Spraytop* 20L
POUND 240 240 g/L Carfentrazone Nail 240, Hammer 240, Titan, Smackdown 20L
RYGREX 25 g / L Diflufenican, 250 g / L MCPA Tigrex*, Nugrex*, FatCat 250 20L
SCANNER 500 SC 500 g / L Ethofumesate Tramat 500SC*, Matrix 500, 5L
TRIPYR 600 EC 600 g / L Triclopyr Garlon*, Safari* 20L
TRIFLURALINX 480 480 g / L Trifluralin Triflur 480* 20L
TRIPICLORAM 400 100 g / L Picloram, 300 g / L Triclopyr Grazon DS*, Apparent Woody* 5L, 20L


Product Name Active Ingredient Equivalent/Similar Product Pack Size
ALPHACYPER 100 100 g / L Alpha-Cypermethrin Fastac*, Alpha-Scud Elite*, Dominex* 20L
CHLORPOS 500 500 g / L Chlorpyrifos Lorsban 500 EC*, Bar 500, 20L
DIMETHOATE 400 400g/L Dimethoate Dimethoate 20L
OMETHOATE 290 SL 290 g / L Omethoate Le Mat 290*, Orbit 290* 10L, 20L
SUCCESS NEO 120 g/L Spinetoram Delegate 500mL


Product Name Active Ingredient Equivalent/Similar Product Pack Size
PROBUFFER 700 350g/L Soyal Phospholipids & 350g/L Propionic Acid Li-700* 20L
RED MARKING DYE 150g/L Rhodamine B N/A 5L,20L
WETTER 1000 1000 g / L alcohol alkoxylates Wetdrop, Wetspray 1000, BS 1000 5L


* Important: all Equivalent / Similar products listed should be used as a guide only and may not be identical to the comparable Notman Pasture Seeds product.
Formulations may differ including physical and chemical properties.
Trademarks may apply to products listed. Recommendations for use, handling, storage and disposal of products may also change over time. Always read container label and leaflet before opening or using products.