SlugOut All Weather Slug & Snail Bait

SlugOut® All Weather Slug and Snail Bait is used for the control of slugs and snails in gardens, fruit and vegetable crops, winter cereals, pulses & pastures.


SlugOut® All Weather Slug & Snail Bait offers excellent weatherability and optimal bait points per m2 making it an effective and economical choice. SlugOut® is used for the control of slugs and snails in gardens, fruit and vegetable crops, winter cereals, oilseeds (including poppies), pulses and pastures.

SlugOut features a premium granular bait formulation of metaldehyde which contains an edible outer coating. Its granular formulation does not absorb water. No breakdown after 60mm of rain. Ensure protection of seedlings and mature plants with regular applications of SlugOut®.

  • Efficacy: Excellent
  • Spreadability: Excellent
  • Weatherability: Excellent with rain and mould resistant 
  • Pest Resistance: Low

Recommendations for use – Broadcast SlugOut® evenly over the crop or pasture area to be protected from snails and slugs. Pay particular attention to areas adjacent to headlines, fence lines and other areas where snails and slugs shelter and move into crops and pastures.

Application tips –  Apply after rain, watering or during damp and humid weather. For best results apply 5 – 10 days before planting.

Active constituent: 18g/kg Metaldehyde

Pack size: 20kg

Grazing withhold: Pastures, Pulses, Oilseeds (including poppies), Winter cereals: Do not graze for stock feed for 5 weeks after application.

Comparable products: N/A

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