Marco Tetraploid Turnip

The fastest establishing turnip
Ready to graze: 55-65 days

Marco Turnip is the earliest maturing turnip available; having an interval to grazing of just 50-70 days, Marco provides flexibility of sowing and grazing management. With less time out of pasture, and the possibility of two crops in one season, Marco is also ideal for late sowings.

Barkant Turnip

The perfect balance for summer pastures
Ready to graze: 60-90 days

Barkant® turnips produce high quality feed with a high metabolisable energy (ME) value, meaning greater animal performance can be achieved. It is a high performance feed for lactating dairy cows supplying the energy required to boost milk production.

Cleancrop Toto Turnip

Smart, weed controlled brassica system
Ready to graze: 56-90 days

Cleancrop Toto Turnip is a high-yielding, summer and autumn bulb turnip with early maturity, allowing it to be grazed from 55 days after sowing. A tankard bulb shape alongside great bulb softness promotes excellent crop utilisation by stock.


Appin Leafy Turnip

Flexible multi-graze turnip with high winter growth

Appin is a great quick winter feed option that can maximise the value & return from your pasture system. Tops can be grazed initially, then re-growth of leaf and bulb will occur after a short spell. Sow from September to December and February to April.

Pasja II Hybrid Leafy Turnip

One of the fastest brassica feed options

Pasja II – the brassica to choose when fast , high quality spring/summer/autumn feed is needed for all stock classes. Combines early maturity with yield and the option for multiple grazings and providing quality fast feed you can rely on.

Hunter Leafy Turnip

Fast maturing and highly palatable

As a cross between a turnip and a rape, Hunter is a quick growing, leafy turnip with minimal bulb development. Fast maturing, Hunters first grazing can be as early as 6-8 weeks.

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Turnip Overview

Turnips are an extremely valuable crop, offering flexibility, good disease resistance compared to forage rapes and high quality feed over summer and autumn when you need feed the most. Turnips come in two varieties; tankard type and leafty turnip.

Tankard type have exceptionally high yield potential from a single graze, good leaf to bulb ratio, and range from early maturing turnips ideal for summer feed to late maturing turnips which provide autumn, early winter feed. Later maturing turnips can be ultilised in areas where growing feed in winter months is difficult.

Leafy turnips are generally a multi-graze option with a very low ripening period. Leafy turnips offer quick spring, summer and autumn feed with the potential of providing up to 3-4 grazings. They are more prone to stress during summer than forage rapes as they have a less prominent tap root.

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Key benefits

  • Valuable summer and autumn crops
  • Good disease resistance
  • High quality feed
  • High yielding varieites
  • Early and late maturing options
  • Potential for up 3-4 grazings