Cleancrop Toto Turnip

Cleancrop Toto Turnip is a high-yielding, summer and autumn bulb turnip with early maturity, allowing it to be grazed from 55 days after sowing. A tankard bulb shape alongside great bulb softness promotes excellent crop utilisation by stock.


Sow early maturing Cleancrop Toto Turnip seed for a high yielding, bulb turnip that can be grazed from 56 days after sowing.  The tankard bulb shape coupled with great bulb softness promotes excellent crop utilisation by stock whilst providing farmers with palatable feed during summer and autumn.

As part of the Cleancrop Brassica System, this leafy turnip has been bred to be tolerant to the sulfonylurea herbicide Telar™ – A broad spectrum herbicide that provides excellent control of broad leaf weeds from the pre-emerge stage.

Notman Pasture Seeds is an accredited Cleancrop retailer and sold as a complete package (seed + herbicide).

Variety Cleancrop Toto Turnip
Days to Grazing 55-90
Number of grazings 1
Sowing rate 2 kg/ha
Potential Yield 12-15 tDM/ha
Utilisation 90%
Bulb type Tankard

About Cleancrop Brassica System

Control weeds and increase yields with Cleancrop Leafy Turnip.

Cleancrop Leafy Turnip is a cultivar that is part of the Cleancrop Brassica System, a simple weed management solution that combines the power of broad-spectrum herbicide Telar and plants bred to tolerate it. Telar® herbicide deals with 23 weeds during sowing and frees up nutrients for your crops to thrive.

Telar takes care of 48 weeds at the time of sowing, freeing up moisture and nutrients to give your crop the best chance of maximising performance and delivering a superior return on your seed investment.

  • Control weeds within 48 hours of sowing
  • No moisture required# to activate Telar herbicide
  • No soil incorporation required
  • Adaptable to method of sowing

Weeds Controlled in the CleanCrop Brassica System

Telar® herbicide controls the following weeds:

Calandrinia Fathen Scentless Chamomile Vetch
Californian Thistle* Hawksbeard Scotch Thistle White Clover
Chickweed Nodding Thistle Shepherd’s Purse Wild Turnip*
Cornbind Rayless Chamomile Spurrey (Yarr) Willow Weed
Dandelions Redroot Stinking Mayweed Yellow Gromwell
Docks Scarlet Pimpernel Twin Cress

*Apply Telar® post emerge when Cleancrop™ brassicas are at the fourth-true leaf stage. Do not apply after the 6-8 leaf stage. Consult your accredited Notman Pasture Seeds representative to order your second Telar® spray.

*For weeds listed in table below that require Telar® applied as a foliar spray at post emergence, an application can be made when the crop is at the fourth-true leaf stage or later.  **When applied pre-emerge Telar® is taken up through the roots of weeds when conditions promote their growth.

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