Our #1 Italian Ryegrass Blend

MEGABITE Premium is a proven versatile long season diploid and tetraploid blend enhanced with late seeding material to improve both palatability and energy produced per hectare. The fast establishing Megbite Premium combines the vigour of Feast II and the leafy late maturing Vibe Italian Ryegrass with improved persistence.

  • Vibe Italian Ryegrass
  • Feast II Italian Ryegrass

Vibe Italian Ryegrass

The more persistent Italian ryegrass

Vibe is a very persistent and very high yielding diploid Italian ryegrass, having been developed as part of a 15 year plant breeding programme focused on developing more persistent Italian ryegrasses. Exclusive to Notman Pasture Seeds.

  • Ultra late maturing at +27 days
  • Our most persistent italian ryegrass
  • Robust, handles hard grazing well
  • Developed with Cropmark Seeds

Surge Italian Ryegrass

EXCLUSIVE to Notman Pasture Seeds

A tried and proven Italian Ryegrass with strong year round growth. Surge breeding by Cropmark has demonstrated good regrowth into the second season given favourable conditions. Surge is late heading at +21 days enabling flexibility throughout the spring growing season.

  • Proven results across Australia
  • Diploid, for improved performance in wet conditions
  • Persistence trait


Italian ryegrass (also known as short rotation ryegrass) is fast establishing winter active ryegrass that is commonly sown as a high quality short term winter pastures to provide multiple grazings in winter and spring.

More persistent that annual ryegrass, Italian ryegrasses can persist for 2-3 years dependent on seasonal conditions. The optimum environment are regions of mild summers under irrigation or reliable summer rainfall. In hot dry summers it will generally thin out, however its production of quality feed through spring and early summer give it an advantage over annual ryegrasses.

Annual clovers such as persian and/or balansa are excellent options to sow as companion species when sowing an Italian ryegrass.

  • Late spring and summer growth
  • Some growth in the second season
  • Winter growth
  • Better quality post spring
  • Ability to contribute to the yield of the pasture sward in years 2 and 3
  • Ideally suited to grazing
  • Minimal health issues
  • Suitable for oversowing into a perennial sward