Manta Italian Ryegrass

Manta is a new generation of diploid Italian ryegrass that has strong winter growth, high total yield and low aftermath heading for an Italian ryegrass.


Manta Italian Ryegrass is the latest diploid Italian ryegrass from DLF Seeds. Manta Italian Ryegrass has explosive establishment speed being the fastest starting genetics we have seen to date. This fast establishment allows farmers to plant with confidence, growing quick feed before winter sets in.

Manta has strong cool season growth with excellent spring yields; being Agricom’s highest yielding diploid Italian means more grass grown for meat, milk and hay production. Trialled, tested and commercialised in Australia based on Australian data and Australian conditions.

  • Fast establishment speed
  • Good cool season growth
  • Large leaf compared to other diploid Italians
  • Impressive spring growth and high total dry matter production
  • Versatile performer across all Australian temperate ryegrass region

Variety Manta Italian Ryegrass
Species Italian Ryegrass
Ploidy Diploid
Sowing rate 25-40 kg/ha
Sowing rate (mix) 20-25kg/ha with legume component
Heading Date Late +19 days to Nui=0
Winter activity Very high
Minimum rainfall 500mm
Unit size 25kg, 1000kg