Forage oats are a economic, flexible and easy to establish annual cultivar that are suited to grazing, hay, silage, pasture renovation (oversowing) and grain production. One of the most common forage cereals in Australia, forage oats offer versatility and reliability – with tolerance to feeding down to the root and crown root, proven results in tough dry conditions, and ability to use as a cover crop before a summer crop. Excellent early germination & vigour gives farmers the opportunity to graze early.

Key benefits

  • Low cost option
  • Fast establishing
  • Rebound well after grazing
  • Suitable for grazing, hay, silage and grain production
  • Drought tolerant


Saia Forage Oats

Saia Forage Oats are a fine stem forage oat that are fast to establish and deliver good quality early winter feed when planted in late March/early Autumn. Saia Forage Oats can be grown in a wide range of soils and have good regrowth, rebounding well after grazing. Cheaper option for hay.

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Coo-ee Forage Oats

High yielding for quick winter grazing and high quality spring feed. Coo-ee oats are ideal as a quick winter feed option with the ability to yield hay or silage from a range of sowing dates.

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