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Introducing AQUAmax maize
Pioneer Corn for Silage

Pioneer® brand AQUAmax® hybrids deliver more DM/ha per drop under drought stress and top-end yield potential in ideal growing conditions.

Pioneer® brand AQUAmax® hybrids include key native traits designed to help withstand drought conditions and protect against yield loss. They’re tested in your local environment to gauge their overall performance and agronomic fit for your geography.

AQUAmax varieties available include P9911 and P0725

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AQUAmax Notman Seeds


CRM: 94

Outstanding quick hybrid. P9400 is a feed and grain silage hybrid with an excellent agronomic profile.



CRM: 99

A NEW dual-purpose, quick-season hybrid offering unmatched silage performance & yield stability.


CRM: 107

A new AQUAmax dual purpose hybrid


CRM: 113

High yielding mid-season multi-use hybrid


CRM: 114

Benchmark silage and feed grain hybrid across all regions with outstanding silage yield


CRM: 118

Top end yield from an IT hybrid . An immidazolinone-tolerant (IT) hybrid giving growers flexible weed control options

Rapid React Inoculant

Introducing Pioneer® brand Inoculants with New Rapid React® Aerobic Stability Technology

Rapid React™ Aerobic Stability Technology. Ready to feed in just 7 days.

Pioneer® inoculants 11C33 & 11G22 with Rapid React™ aerobic stability* technology are a breakthrough advancement in Integrated Feed Solutions from DuPont Pioneer. This innovation provides stable feed in just seven days

Betta Strike Treatment


Top-end yield potential starts with matching the right genetics and traits to your paddock. We help you protect your yield potential with Pioneer​®​ ​brand products​ Betta Strike​®​ Seed Protection (Betta Strike​®​).

Utilising Betta Strike​®​ protects plant seedlings during their most vulnerable stages, during weather risks and protects your investment in quality seed and maximises harvest yield potential.

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