So Fast IT Can Keep Up With You | Ready To Feed In Just 7 Days

Rapid React™ Aerobic Stability Technology. Ready to feed in just 7 days.

Pioneer® inoculants 11C33 & 11G22 with Rapid React™ aerobic stability* technology are a breakthrough advancement in Integrated Feed Solutions from DuPont Pioneer. This innovation provides stable feed in just seven days.

Achieve aerobic stability quickly

Rapid React aerobic stability technology contains a proprietary bacterial strain that quickly goes into action, making feed ready in just seven days. The benefits of this new technology include:

  • Faster access to your most valuable input
  • A consistently cool bunker face
  • Extended bunklife

Increase feed optimization

Rapid React aerobic stability technology with next-generation L. buchneri allows you to get more out of every day and every tonne by working to:

  • Increase fermentation efficiency
  • Minimize dry matter loss
  • Reduce spoilage on the top and tails of the bunker or pile
  • Produce consistently palatable feed

P1467 Maize

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