White clovers, distinguished by their leaf size, are highly persistent in pastures throughout Australia as a result of its growth, branching and rooting down of stolons. Leaf size ranges from small, medium and large. Small leaf clovers are generally suited to harder grazing; medium leaf cloves offer grazing flexibility as they can tolerate periods of set stocking and harder grazing but also suit rotational grazing; and large leaf clovers  are best suited for rotational grazing in dairy and intensive grazing systems in high rainfall and or irrigation areas.

Key benefits

  • Excellent persistent
  • Small leaf clovers – suited to harder grazing
  • Medium leaf clovers – offer grazing flexibility
  • Large leaf clovers – suited to rotational grazing


Demand NZ White Clover

A thoroughly proven, high performing, and very persistent medium leafed white clover well suited for sheep, beef and dairy cattle pastures, with superior spring – summer production, high Nitrogen fixation ability and more densely branched stolons. Good tolerance to pest and leaf diseases. Recommended for all pasture mixes.

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Bounty White Clover

High production across a range of soil types. This medium leaved white clover is the ideal inclusion in pasture mixes for rotational grazing systems. Bounty can also perform well in set stocked and over-sowing situations.

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Kopu II White Clover

Delivers outstanding seasonal versatility and rapid growth recovery. Delivers outstanding performer in trials throughout Australia, Kopu II is a large leaved, upright clover that offers excellent warm season production.

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