White clovers, distinguished by their leaf size, are highly persistent in pastures throughout Australia as a result of its growth, branching and rooting down of stolons. Leaf size ranges from small, medium and large.Small leaf clovers are generally suited to harder grazing; medium leaf cloves offer grazing flexibility as they can tolerate periods of set stocking and harder grazing but also suit rotational grazing; and large leaf clovers are best suited for rotational grazing in dairy and intensive grazing systems in high rainfall and or irrigation areas.


  • Excellent persistent
  • Small leaf clovers – suited to harder grazing
  • Medium leaf clovers – offer grazing flexibility
  • Large leaf clovers – suited to rotational grazing

Mantra Large Leaf White Clover

A new and very large leafed mid flowering white clover, with semi-erect growth habit, high stolon number and thick stolons, with medium to high growing point to enable better competition with grass in swards, high yields with strong winter, early spring growth, very good persistence.

Demand Medium White Clover

A thoroughly proven, high performing, and very persistent medium leafed white clover well suited for sheep, beef and dairy cattle pastures, with superior spring – summer production, high Nitrogen fixation ability and more densely branched stolons.