Forage Maize

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Forage maize is fast establishing summer growing crop that can be used for livestock grazing or green chop. Forage maize offers energy rich feed from the

Forage maize has a high yield potential if weed burden kept to a minimum, fertilised appropriately and soil moisture is available to the crop in the critical early growth stages.

Forage maize is generally planted in late October and November at 40-60kg/ha for good dryland or irrigated areas.

Grazing & crop management of forage maize

Forage maize can be strip grazed or fed out in bulk at the end of the growing period in early Autumn. If strip grazing, grazing can commence 6-8 weeks after planting or when the crop is 80cm tall. For higher yields, the longer the growing period the greater the yields will be available for livestock.

For good results choose paddocks with good summer soil moisture and that are generally weed free. Soil fertility is a major factor in high yields as maize can remove large amounts of major nutrients through the growing season. Get in touch with our team for any agronomy advice on optimising your forage maize. Our team can provide a growing tech sheet with full input and financial information for your crop.