PRIMECUT™ Premium Pasture Blends are designed to meet the rigorous demands of the extensive sheep and cattle enterprises. Fuel your farm with Notman Pasture Seeds well considered, high quality PRIMECUT blends!

Notman Pasture Seeds provides a range of high quality species and cultivars, delivering farming operations real farm value and know-how by matching your farm with cultivars suited for animal performance, persistence, and your farm climate and soils.

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Our range of PrimeCut Premium Pasture Blends:

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PRIMECUT Late Flowering Perennial Blend

Base AR37 Perennial Ryegrass
Bindoon Sub Clover
Riverina Sub Clover
Viper Balansa Clover

A proven versatile mix suited to areas of higher rainfall, good soil fertility and rotational grazing management. This mix contains the persistent Base AR37 (+22 days flowering date compared with Nui) and highly productive sub and balansa clovers. Early to mid maturing sub clovers for reliable regeneration the following year This mix contains excellent overall production – improved cool season production and good summer performance.

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PRIMECUT Mid Flowering Perennial Blend

Legion AR37 Perennial Ryegrass
Bindoon Sub Clover
Riverina Sub Clover
Viper Balansa Clover

An earlier flowering perennial ryegrass, balansa and sub clover blend, this features the reliable Legion AR37 (+14 days heading) diploid perennial ryegrass. Legion has performed well in local trials with it impressing on farm with its excellent density down low and ability to tolerate hard grazing. Again with the clover component adding late season quality and year round growth.

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PRIMECUT Grazing Safe Blend

**Grazing safe ryegrass
Riverina Sub Clover
Urana Sub Clover
Viper Balansa Clover

**Customise your mix with Nil, AR1 or Low Endophyte (LE) perennial ryegrass available including, but not limited to, AusVic LE, Ultra AR1, Platform AR1. This mix is designed to minimise stock health issues associated with endophytes. It features diploid perennial grasses that have been bred for persistence in drier areas with longer summers and low fertility.

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PRIMECUT Low Rainfall Blends

Customise your low rainfall pasture blends with varieties such as the following:

  • Holdfast GT Phalaris
  • Confederate Phalaris
  • Temora Winter Active Fescue
  • Kainui Cocksfoot
  • Aurus Cocksfoot
  • Uplands Cocksfoot
  • Stamina GT5, GT6
  • Titan Lucerne 5,7,9
  • Bindoon (Superstrike)
  • Coolamon (Superstrike)
  • Riverina (Prillcote)
  • Urana Sub
  • Gosse Sub
  • Leura Sub
  • Trikkala Sub
  • Viper Balansa
  • Taipan Balansa
  • Paradana Balansa
  • Arrowleaf Clover
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PRIMECUT Hybrid Ryegrass Blend

Frenzy NEA Hybrid Ryegrass
Mohaka AR37 Hybrid Ryegrass
Mantra White Clover
Viper Balansa Clover
USA Red Clover

A hybrid ryegrass mix with diverse endophyte profile including the NEW Frenzy NEA & Mohaka AR37 hybrid ryegrasses. This blend features excellent winter production and late season quality. It’s a genuine oversowing option into perennial pastures and competes well with existing pasture when autumn sown due Frenzy & Mohaka’s great early vigor.

Megabite - Notman Pasture Seeds

MEGABITE Italian Ryegrass & Clover

Vibe Italian Ryegrass
Viper Balansa Clover
Persian Shaftal Clover

Vibe is a very persistent and very high yielding diploid Italian ryegrass, having been developed as part of a 15 year plant breeding programme focused on developing more persistent Italian ryegrasses. Late season quality is very good with MEGABITE Plus, with the late heading Vibe ryegrass (+27 days) providing leafy feed for multiple grazing’s through winter and late spring. The Vibe has reduced aftermath heading which means it holds it’s late spring early summer feed quality.

Winterbite Pasture Blends - Notman Pasture Seeds

WINTERBITE Late Annual Ryegrass & Clover

Bullet Annual Ryegrass
Viper Balansa Clover
Persian Shaftal Clover

This premium WINTERBITE blend of Bullet Annual Ryegrass, Viper Balansa Clover and Persian Shaftal Clover is a specialist winter feed mix that delivers fast establishing feed. Excellent quality through autumn, winter and early spring, this blend is an ideal solution for growing feed until soil moisture runs out in the later part of the season. Our trials show significant growth advantages over the traditional tetila type annual ryegrasses.

Winterbite Pasture Blends - Notman Pasture Seeds

WINTERBITE Early Annual Ryegrass & Clover

Ed MAX Annual Ryegrass
Balansa Clover
Shaftal Clover

Economic feed, Ed MAX Annual Ryegrass is a rapidly growing diploid annual ryegrass for winter and early spring feed. A superior alternative to forage cereals in water logging conditions, Ed MAX has shown to grow bulk feed under tough winter conditions. The early-season growth plus fast regrowth from Ed MAX should be advantageous for grazers and forage producers needing high-quality forage early in the season when other forages are not as active.

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