Balansa clover is an annual clover that regenerates when given the opportunity to produce seed. A very adaptable species, balansa clover will generally grow where subterranean clover grows as well as some areas where soils can experience water logging or where salinity is a problem.

Key benefits

  • Tolerant of moderate soil salinity
  • High dry matter yields
  • Can withstand periods of water logging
  • Ideally sown as part of a mix

Taipan Balansa Clover

Highly productive Balansa Clover for medium rainfall zones. The hard seediness of Taipan allows for flexibility when seasons are dry. Taipan Balansa Clover is ready to graze in 55-85 days and is tolerant to moderate levels of soil salinity. It can be sown as a straight strand or in one of our high quality pasture blends

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