WinterCrop forage blends are ideal for farmers looking for winter grazing and producing larger volumes of fodder in spring. WinterCrop offers choices of vigorous, leafy, high quality forage crops that can produce feed in late winter and spring often in a relatively short period.

Our agronomy team can help you decide which forage to grow from the WinterCrop range available, planning the great time duration for feed, harvest/grazing intention, and rotational requirements.

WinterCrop forage blends can accompany summer forage crops such as Top Crop forage blends, or standalone crops such as millet and sorghum.

  • Ideal for winter and spring
  • Silage and hay specialists
  • Cool tolerance germination
  • Produce larger volumes of high quality feed
  • Fast establishing, vigorous, leafy cultivars
  • Reliable source of quality forage for all livestock classes

Bullet Annual RYEGRASS & Oats

Fast establishing high quality feed combined with flexibility in the sowing date and a rotational grazing system.

  • Forage Oats (75%)
  • Bullet Annual Ryegrass (25%)


Excellent late planting option for good silage production and grazability in southern areas. Produce large volumes of feed in a short period of time.

  • Field Peas (60%)
  • Forage Oats (40%)

WinterCrop Oats, Ryegrass & Ryecorn

Offers quick establishing winter feed with the addition of ryecorn, forage oats and annual ryegrass to fill early winter feed gaps.

  • Forage Oats (50%)
  • Ryegrass (33%)
  • Ryecorn (16%)

Forage Oats & Ryecorn


Companion Summer Crops

WinterCrop Blends are an ideal winter crop as part of your pasture renovation program and is commonly followed by a second forage crop such as Top Crop Brassica & Millet, or standalone crops of forage millet and sorghum.