WinterCrop pasture blends are a highly advantageous option for farmers seeking winter grazing and/or the production of abundant fodder during spring. These blends typically consist of a combination of species such as annual ryegrass, oats, ryecorn, peas, oats, and vetch.

A key benefit of WinterCrop mixes are their suitability for both winter and spring seasons. These mixes are designed to thrive in cool temperatures, ensuring successful germination and growth even in colder conditions.

Our WinterCrop pasture blends are carefully composed to suit individual farmers needs (yes, ask about custom mixes if one of our mixes doesn’t suit you) and supporting the dietary needs of various livestock classes, including dairy, beef and sheep.

Whether for grazing, silage or hay production, WinterCrop mixes are a reliable way to optimise winter and spring feeding strategies.

  • Ideal for winter and spring
  • Silage and hay specialists
  • Cool tolerance germination
  • Produce larger volumes of high quality feed
  • Fast establishing, vigorous, leafy cultivars
  • Reliable source of quality forage for all livestock classes


Fast establishing grazing specialist with strong early growth (from the forage oats) and the addition of a leafy Annual Ryegrass. An ideal winter grazing seed mix, this mix has the option to graze right through the growing season.

  • Cooee Oats (75%)
  • Ed MAX Ryegrass (25%)

Sowing rate: 80kg/ha

Oats & Ryecorn

A broadly adapted and reliable winter forage crop that is easy to establish, with sowing options from Autumn through to Spring. For silage or hay, this mix is a great way to boost paddock potential if sowing in late winter/early spring .

  • Coo-ee Oats (75%)
  • Southern Green Ryecorn (25%)

Sowing rate: 80kg/ha

Oats, Ryecorn & Ryeygrass

The cereals are often required to provide simple bulk feed, whilst there are opportunities to grow higher quality fodder with the addition of the ryegrass.

  • Coo-ee Oats (50%)
  • Ed MAX Ryegrass (33%)
  • Southern Green Ryecorn (16%)

Sowing rate: 80kg/ha


Excellent late planting option for good silage production and grazability in southern areas. Produce large volumes of feed in a short period of time. Carrick Oat has strong standability to support the climbing pea. Harvest when the pea is at flat pod or the oats milky-dough, whichever is first.

  • Field Peas (60%)
  • Carrick Oats (40%)

Sowing rate:  100-150kg/ha


A well balanced mix for overall animal performance, this WinterCrop Oats and Vetch mix is designed for increased digestibility and protein, whilst still providing reliable bulk. This cereal/legume mix is well adapted to low temperature environments and in spring this mix grows rapidly for quick high quality spring silage/hay.

  • Carrick Oats (60%)
  • Benatas Vetch (40%)

Sowing rate: 100-125kg/ha


Companion Summer Crops

WinterCrop Blends are an ideal winter crop as part of your pasture renovation program and is commonly followed by a second forage crop such as Top Crop Brassica & Millet, or standalone crops of forage millet and sorghum.