WinterCrop Oats & Ryecorn Blend

WinterCrop Oats (75%) and Ryecorn (25%) broadly adapted and reliable winter forage crop providing farmers with a combination of fast establishment, high winter yields to fill feed gaps fast.

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WinterCrop Oats & Ryecorn Blend is a broadly adapted and reliable winter forage crop that can offer significant advantages in filling late autumn and early winter feed gaps for farmers. This WinterCrop mix has quick growth, high yield, nutritional value, palatability, and digestibility make them valuable feed sources for livestock during these critical periods when pastures aren’t providing a great deal of feed in autumn and sometimes early winter.

Quick growth.

Oats and forage ryecorn are known for their fast growth rates, particularly in the cooler months. This attribute makes them excellent choices for filling feed gaps during late autumn and early winter when other forage options may be limited. These crops can establish and produce significant biomass relatively quickly, ensuring a timely source of feed for livestock.

High yield

Oats and forage ryecorn are productive crops, capable of producing substantial amounts of forage.  Their ability to generate a high yield is particularly valuable during times when feed availability may be scarce.

Key benefits

WinterCrop Oats and Ryecorn is an ideal winter crop as part of your pasture renovation program:

  • Fill critical late autumn feed gap
  • Rapid cool season growth
  • High yielding

WinterCrop Oats and Ryecorn is ready to graze when the plant is well anchored and root depth is established – carry out a ‘pull test’ to ensure stock cannot pull plants out of the ground. Once established, Oats and Ryecorn is effective at crowding out weeds and producing lots of biomass, great for paddock biology.


WinterCrop Mix  WinterCrop Oats & Ryecorn Blend
Pasture species  Oats, Ryecorn
Sowing rate  80-120 kg/ha
Sowing date  Mid autumn-early winter
Soil type  Wide range
Rainfall  500mm+
Bag size  25kg, 1000kg


About WinterCrop pasture blends:

WinterCrop pasture blends are a highly advantageous option for farmers seeking winter grazing and/or the production of abundant fodder during spring. These blends typically consist of a combination of species such as annual ryegrass, oats, ryecorn, peas, oats, and vetch. A key benefit of WinterCrop mixes are their suitability for both winter and spring seasons. These mixes are designed to thrive in cool temperatures, ensuring successful germination and growth even in colder conditions.