Pillar Forage Rape

The higher yielding multi-graze rape

Pillar is an exciting new, fast establishing, high yielding multi-graze giant-type forage rape with strong re-growth potential, good aphid tolerance and disease resistance. The dry matter yield potential of Pillar is proving on farm to be a real highlight, as is its flexibility for spring or autumn sowings.

Titan Forage Rape

The tasty forage rape

Titan combines early maturity, high dry matter yields and exceptional tastiness to deliver a high quality summer/ autumn/winter feed option. Strong regrowth potential offers multi-graze options for all grazing systems. Titan forage rape is a intermediate height rape with kale genetics used to give increased tolerance to virus & aphids.

Forage Rape Overview

Forage rapes provide leafy, high quality feed which require a longer maturity time than hybrid leafy turnips.Forage rapes generally grow more dry matter from each grazing than leafy turnips and offer multiple grazing opportunities if moisture is available and the rapes are given the chance to re-grow.

The maturity of forage rape is important to ensure that utilisation is optimised. Forage rapes have a distinct trait that when mature, the leaves turn from purple to a bronze colour.

Grazing should not commence until maturity to avoid animal health issues. Plant breeders have introduced kale genetics into forage rape varieties to increase aphid and pest tolerance, frost tolerance and general hardiness.


  • Leafy, giant-type multi-graze forage rape
  • Very fast establishing
  • Very high yield potential
  • Very good re-growth potential
  • Good disease resistance
  • Can be sown in spring or autumn
  • Suitable sheep, cattle and deer
Pillar-Forage-Rape-(R) Notman Seeds