Top Crop Brassica & Herbs

Top Crop Brassica & Herbs contains a unique blend of Pillar Forage Rape, Titan Forage Rape, Pasja II Leafy Turnip, Oracle Plantain & Chico Chicory that can produce very high quality feed within 6-8 weeks of sowing. Excellent summer feed


Top Crop Brassica & Herbs forage blend is fast establishing, producing high quality feed 6-8 weeks after sowing. It has the potential for multiple grazing’s through the summer period when traditional pasture quality & production decreases. It responds well to summer rainfall and with it’s superior regrowth potential it’s an ideal blend if you are looking for high energy, high DM through to late summer.

The addition of the Chico Chicory and Oracle Plantain in this Brassica & Herbs blend which adds high yielding, very high quality and leafy herbs which show fast establishment, rapid re-growth, strong insect resistance and good drought tolerance. This blend combines herbs and clovers with a brassica crop, allowing the brassica to act as a cover crop as the other species establish.

Take advantage of the established chicory and plantain herbs & red clover by oversowing with an italian ryegrass such as Vibe Italian Ryegrass or a hybrid ryegrass such as Frenzy NEA.

Top Crop Brassica & Herbs forage blend contains a unique blend of

  • Pillar Forage Rape
  • Titan Forage Rape
  • Pasja II Leafy Turnip
  • Chico Chicory
  • Oracle Plantain
  • Red Clover

Our Top Crop blends are unique summer forage varieties that can deliver high quality summer feed. Top Crop blends have a proven track record for delivering feed for stock when you need it most.

Blend Top Crop Brassica & Herbs
Species Forage Brassica, Leafy Turnip, Chicory, Plantain, Red Clover
Sowing date Spring
Sowing depth 5-10mm
Sowing rate 10 kg/ha
Ready to graze 50-65 days
Potential grazings 3-4
Autumn oversowing potential Yes, with ryegrass & clover
Number of grazings 2-4