Quality silage of any type needs inoculant and air exclusion.

White on Black, 2in1 Oxygen Barrier & Cover

It’s durable as a stand-alone product without protective cover, and the white top surface keeps the silage cooler.
  • 200um (micron) strength will not tear when installing
  • white surface reflects UV rays to keep the stack from heating
  • black underlayer helps prevent oxygen transfer and to preserve the silage

Passion White on Black can be used either with the Passion Yellow oxygen barrier underneath or as a stand-alone silage cover. Using the Passion White on Black cover to protect your silage will help to reduce dry matter losses, nutrient losses, aerobic spoilage and to increase the stability of the face at feed out.

Yellow Barrier Film

Oxygen barrier (OB) protection and familiarity of traditional plastic.

Passion Film is a premium product that offers exceptional silage protection.

Passion Yellow barrier film blocks oxygen from penetrating the silage. This allows for high quality fermentation of the feed and reduced surface spoilage of the bunker.

Passion Yellow is just 45 micron thick (1.8mm), and drapes and clings into silage nooks and crannies.

  • Reduces inedible silage by 72%
  • Reduces top surface loss by 50%
  • Improves aerobic stability by 2.5 days
  • Maintains silage quality and nutrient supply