Spring and summer presents an opportunity to plant a forage crop for summer, autumn & winter feed. As part of your pasture management program, spring & summer crops can grow valuable feed at key times when pastures are of low quality or quantity.

Dependent on a variety of factors, including environment, planting time, stock needs & water availability, there is a range of varieties available to suit your needs.


  • Cost effective source of dry matter compared to ‘bought in feed’
  • Produce large quantities of feed for a relatively low cost of production
  • Be grazed where they are grown, eliminating additional costs associated with hay, silage and grain
  • Break the perennial weed cycle using non-selective herbicides leading to more productive pastures
  • Break clover pest and disease lifecycles (Nematodes/viruses) for better clover content in subsequent pastures



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Spring & Summer presents an opportunity to plant a valuable forage crop