Chicory is a deep-rooted broad-leafed perennial herb, which has proven to be an excellent source of high quality & yielding feed from late spring to late autumn.


Fodder beet is a demanding crop but if managed properly can be extremely high yielding. Attention to detail in preparation prior to, during and following sowing is critical to ensure good results.


Forage oats are a economic, flexible and easy to establish annual cultivar that are suited to grazing, hay, silage, pasture renovation (oversowing) and grain production.


Forage rapes provide leafy, high quality feed which require a longer maturity time than hybrid leafy turnips.Forage rapes generally grow more dry matter from each grazing than leafy turnips and offer multiple grazing opportunities if moisture is available.


Forage Ryecorn is a reliable winter season performer, delivering a quick winter feed option that is ready to graze within 4-8 weeks. Excellent pasture yields are available with Forage Ryecorn when combined with high performing annual ryegrass.

Spring and summer presents an opportunity to plant a forage crop for summer, autumn & winter feed. As part of your pasture management program, spring & summer crops can grow valuable feed at key times when pastures are of low quality or quantity.

Dependent on a variety of factors, including environment, planting time, stock needs & water availability, there is a range of varieties available to suit your needs.


  • Cost effective source of dry matter compared to ‘bought in feed’
  • Produce large quantities of feed for a relatively low cost of production
  • Be grazed where they are grown, eliminating additional costs associated with hay, silage and grain
  • Break the perennial weed cycle using non-selective herbicides leading to more productive pastures
  • Break clover pest and disease lifecycles (Nematodes/viruses) for better clover content in subsequent pastures



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Spring & Summer presents an opportunity to plant a valuable forage crop