Japanese and Shirohie millets are quick to establish highly productive summer forages for dairy, beef, sheep & silage, with dry matter yields between 8-12 tonne/ha. The tall leafy grass with a thin stem grows to around 1.5m in height

Millet, a low cost option for summer feed, is a safe forage for your animals—containing no prussic acid (HCN) and does not require supplementation with sulphur or salt blocks. Compared with forage sorghum, temperate Millets can be sown earlier and will grow into late summer/early autumn. Millet is great for your pasture renovation program.

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Key benefits

  • Fast growing low cost short term summer crop
  • High quality feed with multiple grazings (up to 4 cuts)
  • Valuable grazing, silage and hay crop
  • Good interim crop between seasons
  • Safe forage—no prussic acid


Shirohie Millet

Shirohie Millet is a highly productive summer leafy forage crop that grows when you need it in summer. The fast growing versatile forage provides forage for grazing, hay and silage. Excellent regrowth potential when good moisture and nitrogen levels are available. Shirohie Millet is also available in our Top Crop blends.

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