Berseem Clover

Berseem Clover is a winter-growing, erect, annual legume capable of excellent bulk growth for silage and hay. Berseem Clover can grow 60–80 cm tall.

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Berseem Clover is a winter-growing, annual legume capable of excellent early growth in autumn. Berseem Clover is an erect annual legume, which can grow 60–80 cm tall. It has a shallow taproot. Leaflets are commonly 4–5 cm long and 2–3 cm wide.

Berseem clover is better suited to fodder conservation than grazing, as it has high growing points that can be easily damaged by inappropriate grazing.

Berseem Clover is most commonly grown in combination with other annual legumes, such as arrowleaf clover (Trifolium vesiculosum), Persian clover (Trifolium resupinatum) and balansa clover (Trifolium michelianum), to increase the bulk of silage and hay harvest.

Berseem clover grows best on fertile, medium to heavy textured soils of mildly acidic to neutral pH.

  • Quick establishment vigour results in good winter production.
  • Multiple cut variety – commonly grown with arrowleaf, persian or balansa.
  • Pairs well with annual and italian grass companions. Add with Italian Ryegrass such as Vibe Italian Ryegrass to boost winter & spring production.
  • Low bloat potential.

Variety Berseem Clover
Sowing date Early-Mid Autumn
Sowing depth 5-10mm
Sowing rate 3-5kg/ha in a mix, 10-25kg/ha as a standalone crop
Inoculant Group Group C
Minimum rainfall 600 mm average p.a.
Suitable for Bulk silage, hay production