BMR Fuel Forage Sorghum

BMR Fuel combines the benefits of a leafy forage sorghum with the BMR (Brown Mid Rib) gene trait for lower lignin, better digestibility and better overall quality crop.



BMR Fuel Forage Sorghum  is the perfect sorghum for silage and hay production. It offers high dry matter yields combined with the Brown Mid Rib (BMR) gene for lower lignin (indigestible fibre), therefore improving the overall quality of the crop. BMR Fuel is a better option than millet, where rotational grazing is an option due to its higher water use efficiency, making it more profitable per kilogram of dry matter produced.

  • An early maturing BMR sorghum x sudan hybrid
  • Fast establishing
  • Excellent regrowth
  • Suited to intensive grazing systems and silage production
  • Suitable in multi-species mixes

Variety BMR Fuel Forage Sorghum
Sowing date Late Spring, Early Summer
Sowing depth 5-10mm
Sowing rate 20-30 kg/ha
Ready to graze When crop reaches 1 metre high
Potential grazings Multiple
Suitable for Grazing, Silage, Hay

What is BMR?

BMR, or Brown Mid Rib, signifies that plants possess lower lignin content in their leaves and stems. This characteristic enhances palatability, digestibility, and energy content, ultimately resulting in increased animal productivity.