Oracle Plantain

Oracle Plantain is a late heading, broad leafed plantain bred for high forage yields under grazing. Has very strong year-round growth, especially over the late spring, summer and autumn months.


Oracle Plantain is a late heading, broad leafed plantain bred for high forage yields and mineral richness qualities under sheep, dairy and beef cattle grazing.

Oracle Plantain very strong year-round growth, especially over the late spring, summer and autumn months. Has deep fibrous roots enabling good heat and drought tolerance. Highly suitable for all livestock types and for use as a specialist high quality forage crop, or as a component of permanent pasture mixes to improve summer quality.

How is Oracle Plantain used?

  1. As specialist late summer Oracle has a deep coarse root system for improved drought tolerance, so it’s plays a specialist role in filling a feed gap when ryegrass pasture are low in quality and quantity
  2. Summer forage pasture mix – Oracle Plantain can be mixed with companion species such as red clover, chicory, and forage brassicas for a diverse summer mix
  3. Autumn pasture mix – Plantain can also be added to a perennial pasture blends, such as Vatbuster, to improve summer production and quality enabling new pastures to carry higher quality feed later during dry summers.

Benefits of Oracle Plantain:

  • Higher overall dry matter yields
  • Late heading for carrying quality longer into spring
  • High forage quality and mineral content
  • Good drought and heat tolerance
  • Ideal for use as a specialist forage crop, or inclusion in permanent mixes
  • Suitable for all livestock types

Variety Oracle Plantain
Performance Exhibits fast establishment with strong year-round growth, especially spring, summer, autumn.
Sowing date Early Spring & Early Autumn
Sowing depth 10-15mm
Sowing rate 1-3kg/ha (mix), 8-10kg/ha (standalone)
Ready to graze 50-70 days
Persistence 2-3 years
Companion species (Autumn sown) Ryegrass, White Clover, Red Clover, Plantain
Companion species (Autumn sown) Plantain, Red Clover, Forage Brassicas