VATBUSTER is a premium high performance pasture seed mix featuring the high class 4front NEA2, Base AR37 Matrix ryegrasses along with persistent white clover Mantra and summer active Reaper red clover.


VATBUSTER is a premium high performance pasture seed mix featuring high class varieties including 4front NEA2, Base AR37, Matrix ryegrasses plus persistent clovers Mantra Large Leaf White and Reaper Red Clover.

VATBUSTER is continually updated with market leading ryegrass and legume genetics to enhance farmers paddocks nationwide with a versatile mix of proven varieties.

This seed mix has been the cornerstone of pastures in high performance dairy and beef operations throughout southern Australia with farmers commenting on its consistent seasonal growth and unwavering reliability once established.

Vatbuster late heading perennial ryegrass and clovers including:

  • Matrix Enhanced Ryegrass
  • 4Front NEA Perennial Ryegrass
  • Base AR37 Perennial Ryegrass
  • Mantra White Clover
  • Reaper Red Clover

Why choose VATBUSTER?

VATBUSTER contains four robust endophyte strains – NEA2, AR37 and Standard Endophyte – giving good insect protection to these already high performing grasses. Endophyte enhances the yield and persistence of the grass, because the endophyte produces a number of compounds that are toxic to various insects, and other grass pests, resulting in improved pasture persistence, increased pasture yield and protect grasses from insect attack

High quality varieties from Cropmark, DLF Seeds and Barenbrug

VATBUSTER produces all year feed, with our main aim is to grow feed every day moisture is available, and late maturing ryegrasses in this mix enable farmers to maximise a grasses production by keeping leafy late into the season.

With this in mind, late flowering cultivars of Matrix (+23), Base AR37 (+22) and 4Front NEA (+18days) have been chosen to fit the brief of VATBUSTER. When compared to older types such as Nui and Vic, VATBUSTER on average goes to seed head 23 days later, providing a significant advantage in late spring as they maintain leafiness for longer.

Ryegrass only?

VATBUSTER ALLGRASS features the same ryegrass as VATBUSTER with no clover: 4Front, Base and Matrix

“We have sown Vatbuster for a number of years and have always been very happy with the productivity and persistence and cow performance from grazing this”

Ray Stefani. Fish Creek, Victoria

Species Perennial Ryegrass, White Clover, Red Clover
Endophytes AR37, Standard, NEA
Sowing rate 20-35 kg/ha
Sowing depth 5-10mm
Heading Date Very Late
Ploidy Tetraploid & Diploid
Rainfall Minimum 650mm per annum
Pasture life Perennial
Unit size 25kg, 1000kg