Cooee Forage Oats

Cooee Forage Oats are fast growing, versatile forage oat provides good winter feed and early spring feed. Coo-ee oats are ideal as a quick winter feed option with the ability to yield hay or silage from a range of sowing dates.

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Cooee Oats are a versatile, fast growing, winter forage oat sown in Autumn that provides good winter to early spring feed. One of the features of Cooee oats is its fine stems, relatively low growing point, broader style leaves that, when used in a hay production system, offer the benefits of higher quality conserved feed.

Cooee Oats are ideal as a quick winter feed option with the ability to yield hay or silage from a range of sowing dates. Cooee oats is adapted to a wide range of soil types and has been bred for resistance to leaf rust and good tolerance to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus (BYDV).

Cooee Oats are a great way to pioneer new land as Cooee Oats are robust, grown on a range of soil types and can be resown into pasture the following season.

Cooee Oat mixes – Cooee Oats can be sown in combination with Rampage Annual Ryegrass or Vibe Italian Ryegrass for grazing/hay/silage.

Improving winter growth – Consider one paddock of forage ryecorn for every 3-4 oat paddocks. Southern Green forage ryecorn with fast growth complements oats. lthough slower to first grazing than forage ryecorn, Coo-ee provides extended grazing, silage and hay options.

  • Ready to graze in 40-55 days
  • Fast growing, winter forage oat
  • High leaf to stem ratio for improved quality and high feed value
  • Excellent silage and hay option
  • It is suggested to sow 3-4 oat paddocks for every paddock of forage ryecorn. The ryecorn will produce faster winter growth, while oats will produce quality hay and silage

Variety Cooee Oats
Sowing date Early-Mid Autumn
Sowing depth 30-60 mm
Sowing rate 80-120kg/ha (standalone), 15-60 kg/ha (in a mix)
Soil temperature 12-25 degrees +
Days to first grazing 40-55 days
Maturity Mid-Late
Minimum rainfall 500 mm average p.a.
Suitable for Grazing, Silage, Hay
Companion species Legumes: clovers, peas, vetch, medics, Annual ryegrass, Italian ryegrass
Unit size 25kg, 1000kg bulk bag


Understanding Forage Oats

Oats are a good robust dual purpose cereal for graziers around Australia that can be grazed during the winter months prior to being shut up to be cut for hay. Oats are a great source of on-farm hay production and can be blended with Annual Ryegrass, Italian Ryegrass and clovers to increase yield and quality.