Mona Italian Ryegrass

Mona Italian Ryegrass is a late heading tetraploid ryegrass bred by DLF Seeds that has extended grazing potential and bulky feed.


Mona Tetraploid Italian Ryegrass has improved production across all seasons and very late heading. Mona Italian Ryegrass extends farmers’ spring grazing period and provides a high quality graze, cut of leafy forage or bulky silage. Un-compromised by its late heading, Mona displays good winter and early spring growth.

  • Very late heading date (+28)
  • Extended seasonal quality and improved summer survival
  • Uncompromised by late heading date
  • High quality forage and grazing
  • Quality hay and bulky silage

Variety Mona Italian Ryegrass
Species Italian Ryegrass
Ploidy Tetraploid
Sowing rate 25-40 kg/ha
Sowing rate (mix) 20-25kg/ha with legume component
Heading Date Late +28 days to Nui=0
Winter activity Very high
Minimum rainfall 500mm
Unit size 25kg, 1000kg