METAREX INOV Slug and Snail Bait

SlugOut® All Weather Slug and Snail Bait is used for the control of slugs and snails in gardens, fruit and vegetable crops, winter cereals, pulses & pastures.


Metarex Inov Slug and Snail Bait is now the industry standard in Australia and combines maximum attractiveness to slugs, with enhanced palatability, and fast action.

Metarex Inov has the advantage of being an all-weather slug and snail bait. Due to its unique manufacturing process, it is very rainfast and does not disintegrate in the first shower of rain. This allows the bait to last longer in the field, delivering maximum protection of the crop during that critical period of establishment.

  • Powerful snail and slug bait
  • Maximum attractiveness
  • Enhanced palatability thanks to Colzactive
  • Fast action
  • Long lasting protection
  • Excellent ballistics

Application and usage

Broadcast evenly over the crop or pasture area to be protected from snails and slugs. Pay particular attention to areas adjacent to headlines, fence lines and other areas where snails and slugs shelter and move into crops and pastures. Apply after rain, watering or during damp and humid weather. For best results apply 5 – 10 days before planting.

Slugs and snails – a growing problem to farmers

Slugs and snails cause major damage to Australian pastures and crops, with a wide range of destructive species found across large parts of the country. Slugs have the ability to consume 50% of their body weight in food in one night. Both slugs and snails reproduce quickly and produce up to 1500 eggs per year. Snails cause crop damage to newly emerging crops and to new growth shoots in vines and trees. Snails pose a major contamination threat to both broadacre and horticultural crops at harvest across southern Australia and are a threat to export markets if not controlled.

IPM Friendly

METAREX INOV contains 40 g/kg metaldehyde and is Integrated Pest Management (IPM) friendly. METAREX INOV will not affect earthworms or carabid beetles, which can contribute to the natural suppression of slugs.

Excellent ballistics

METAREX INOV contains 60,000 baits per kilogram, which are of an optimal size to allow the maximum possible spread width. Some competitor products with high bait counts (>60,000 per kg) contain small pellets which increases the chance of a sub-lethal dose. The METAREX INOV formulation delivers excellent ballistics with uniform bait weight for accurate and uniform spreading.

Product name METAREX INOV Slug and Snail Bait
Active constituent 40g/kg Metaldehyde
Pack size 10kg, 150kg, 400kg
Baits per kg 60,000
Application rate (pasture establishment 4-5kg/ha (Slugs and snails), 8-10kg/ha (Small brown snails)
Grazing withhold 8 weeks (pasture)


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